IELTS Test Day Advice in srilanka

IELTS Test Day Advice

On the day of the test, you might be nervous even if you have prepared for the exam. You will be even more anxious when it is a high caliber test like IELTS. The IELTS is of two types i.e. General Training Test and Academic Test. To perform well, you need to get everything in order before appearing for the test.


The following tips will help you perform at your best on the test day. If you have taken a class like the IELTS classes in Sri Lanka, the tutor must have taken you through everything. If there is still time, you can apply for the course right now. It’s only a 10-lesson course and each lesson is 3 hours long.


So, the tips…


Get up early

The IELTS test is very long and you don’t get breaks between the different sessions. You need to be well-rested so you are not exhausted, fatigued, or Uncomfortable during the test. The benefits of getting up early in the morning are that you will feel fresh and you can start getting ready for your exam early.


Eat well 

The listening, writing, and reading sections of the IELTS test take 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete. You will not get a break during the sessions. As you cannot take food or any edibles in the exam room, it is better to eat well before going for the exam.


Wear comfortable yet appropriate clothes

As the test is long, you should wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes. The way you dress for the test doesn’t have any impact on the results. Still, you need to be well-dressed. Also, if the AC is on, you might feel cold. Make arrangements for that beforehand.


Arrive at the test center early

To avoid any stress, you need to be punctual and arrive at the test center early. Know the exact location of the test, the distance, and the time to reach there. Arrive early so you can check in with the IELTS staff and get settled in nicely. If you are late, you will not be allowed to take the test.


Use the facilities

Although you can use the washroom during your test, it’s only a waste of time. Use the toilet before you leave for the test center. If you feel the urge before the test, you can use the washroom in the test center too. This will help you save time and focus only on your test. If you need to go to the washroom during the test, just raise your hand and ask for the invigilator’s permission.


Listen to the instructions carefully

You cannot take anything in the test room except your ID, pen, pencil, eraser, and a transparent bottle of water. Locate the clock in the test hall so that you can keep track of time. Listen to the instructions before taking the test carefully. If you have any problems with the headphones, speakers, or any other thing, just raise your hand and ask for the staff’s help.


Relax your body, don’t stress too much, and keep it as simple as possible!

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