IELTS General WeekDay Fast Track Course - Monday and Wednesday


  • This course comprises Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, This will be covered in 10 Lessons or 30 hours.
  • 3 Hours per Lesson
  • Maximum 6 Students per Batch
  • Physical Lectures at our Premises
  • Mock Exams and Exam Materials Included


Your ability to speak English well will be demonstrated by the IELTS General Exam. You can enroll in the IELTS General exam if you want to demonstrate your English language skills for any reason, including moving to an English-speaking country.

Anyone who wants to take the IELTS General course as quickly as possible will benefit from taking our IELTS General Weekday Fast Track course. Just five weekdays must be set aside for the course. You will be fully prepared to take the IELTS General Exam once the course is over.

What can you learn?

You can pass the IELTS General exam in just five weeks with the help of the IELTS General Weekday Fast Track course. This is the ideal IELTS General Course Sri Lanka to follow if you already have a basic command of the language and simply need help getting ready for the test. What you can learn by taking this course is listed below.

  • Listening

Through this part of the exam, your ability to listen will be assessed. During this section of the exam, it is crucial to be aware of the proper information extraction techniques as the recording is played. You will be asked to respond to a number of questions based on what you hear. They can be completed in the form of a form, table, summary, or flow chart, or they can be multiple choice or matching questions. Based on what you hear, you should respond briefly to the questions in this section.

  • Speaking

You will talk directly with one of the examiners during the speaking section of the IELTS General test. There are three sections in this test segment. You will be required to provide a basic introduction of yourself in the first part. You will be asked questions about your home, friends, family, job, and interests in this section. You will be required to choose a cue card and talk about the subject it contains in the next segment. Based on what you say, the examiner will also ask you some specific questions. The examiner will go into further depth on the subject that was given to you in the second half of the speaking test in the final session.

  • Reading

Your ability to read a paragraph and comprehend its context will be evaluated in the Reading component of the IELTS General test. You must proceed and respond to some of the questions mentioned below based on what you have learned. You should be able to discern if the information in the text is accurate, false, or omitted. Additionally, you must be able to comprehend the writer’s points of view or assertions. You will next be required to complete sentences while matching facts and answering multiple choice questions.

  • Writing

You will be given 60 minutes to complete the letter and essay writing tasks in the IELTS writing part. You will be required to compose a letter with more than 150 words on the assigned topic for the first section of the test. You should set up around 20 minutes to do this work. In the second section of the writing test, you will be required to express your opinion on a subject, a situation, or an argument. This has to be an essay with a minimum word count of 250. You may fill out this section and compose your essay in the remaining 40 minutes.


Course Schedule

This IELTS General weekday course is simple to follow. You may finish the whole course and be prepared to take the IELTS test if you can commit to five weeks of study. Classes are held on every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. You need to be physically present in the class to follow the course.


Affordable for everyone

The IELTS General weekday course is affordable for everyone. You just need to spend Rs. 50,000 to finish the course. It will enable you to do well on the test and open up a lot of new opportunities for you. You will undoubtedly love this course’s accessibility and what you can learn from it to ace the IELTS test in Sri Lanka.


Fast-tracked course to get through the exam in the shortest possible time

While you are trying to reach your goals, every week matters. Therefore, it is better if you can fast track whatever you do so that you can reach your goals within the shortest possible time. This fast tracked IELTS course will help you with getting through the hurdle of the IELTS exam within just five weeks.

You just need to attend 40 hours of IELTS General training through this IELTS General weekday course. Even the IELTS General course price is reasonable when compared to what you get.

Get in touch with us now to enroll yourself in the course.


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