IELTS Academic Listening Course Fast Track - Friday


  • This course comprises of Listening. This will be covered in 5 Lessons or 10 hours.
  • 2 Hours per Lesson
  • Maximum 6 Students per Batch
  • Physical Lectures at our Premises
  • Mock Exams and Exam Materials Included


Are you looking forward to preparing yourself for the IELTS Listening exam? The listening section of the IELTS exam evaluates your ability to listen carefully and extract information. This section can be tricky, even for a person who is fluent in English. For example, if you hear a conversation between two people with an unfamiliar accent, you will have a challenging time extracting facts from it. This is why it is better to invest in an IELTS listening course Sri Lanka.

Anyone who is looking for a fast tracked IELTS Academic listening course can follow this. Within just 10 hours, you will be able to develop your skills to face the IELTS listening exam.

What will you learn?

During the IELTS Academic Listening Course, you will be exposed to numerous listening practice tests. As you follow these practice tests, you will be able to gather some useful strategies that will be helpful in providing answers to the questions.

  • Discover how to face the IELTS listening test effectively.

There is a pattern in the IELTS Listening section. As you go through the IELTS Listening course, you will be able to discover that pattern. Based on that, you will understand what questions are going in order at all times.

  • Learn how to avoid spelling mistakes

When you are facing the IELTS Listening exam, you will need to be fluent with your spelling as well. If you make a spelling mistake, your answer will be picked as incorrect. Our examiners will evaluate you for this as well. As a result, you can make sure that you don’t commit any spelling mistakes as you provide answers.

  • Effective strategies to get through the listening test

There are different strategies to follow as you approach questions asked you in this section of the IELTS exam. We will help you to learn how you can approach those questions, and how you can provide the most appropriate answers. We often see how most students battle with time as they go through the IELTS listening exam. As a part of our course, we will help you to learn how to manage your time as well. You can figure out the art of catching answers to the questions as you continue to listen to the recording.

  • Practice with real listening tests

The best thing about this IELTS listening course Sri Lanka is that you will be allowed to practice with real listening tests. These are the listening tests used in the past for the IELTS exam. A similar listening test will be provided to you as you face the exam as well. Since you have done multiple practice tests, we guarantee that you will not end up with any challenging experiences as you follow the exam.


Course Schedule

The IELTS listening fast track course is scheduled every Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the evening. You will be able to take part in these courses for just five weeks. At the end of the fifth week, you will be fully competent to go ahead and take on the IELTS listening exam. This is the best IELTS listening course in Sri Lanka, which helps you to be ready for the listening exam within just 5 weeks.


Affordable for everyone

The IELTS listening course price is just Rs. 25,000. For this amount, you will be able to go through five different classes, where you can continuously polish yourself to face the IELTS Listening exam. This is one of the most affordable methods for anyone to be ready for the IELTS Academic Listening test.


Learn from the experts

All our IELTS preparation courses are offered by experienced examiners and trainers. You don’t need to keep any doubts in mind about the quality of training that you can receive from them. The lecturer who conducts the IELTS listening course has more than 20 years of experience. Throughout the past few exams, the lecturer has been able to deliver amazing results. Therefore, you have a higher possibility of getting a band of over 7 for the IELTS listening exam by taking part in this short fast-tracked course.

This course is for anyone who is planning to go ahead and take the IELTS Academic listening test. You will figure out the right way to approach each and every question. On top of that, you will figure out what exactly to listen out for as well. The knowledge that you gather out of this course will not just benefit you as you go through the IELTS Academic Listening exam. It will also be helpful to you in day-to-day life, as you can become an effective listener.


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